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Proven Management Approach…
Principals in Optech Monette have more than 100 years of combined professional experience in the design, construction and contract operation of utility systems. Our trained, highly motivated employees know how to run utilities efficiently, and their work is backed by a compliance guarantee.

Optech Monette's proven management approach includes:

Departmental Evaluations…
Optech Monette offers a free evaluation of your water, wastewater and public works department operations. The review includes evaluation of staffing levels, power usage, chemical consumption, laboratory operations and even preventive and corrective maintenance procedures.

Water Facilities Management - ContractWater and Wastewater Management

Contract Operations of Water and Wastewater Facilities…
Optech Monette will hire your existing staff and provide the management
team to operate your water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our corporate support team will oversee implementation of the operations plan to ensure it meets your facility needs. What's more, you receive a cost savings and compliance guarantee.

Wastewater Facility ManagementUtility Management

Facility Start-Up and Training…
Optech Monette offers start-up and advanced training assistance for all municipal and industrial public works, water, wastewater and sludge treatment facilities. These include physical/ chemical treatment, advanced biological systems and sludge management and disposal unit processes.


Optech Monette will:
» Control and reduce operating costs
» Guarantee regulatory compliance
» Enhance employee productivity
» Bring focused accountability
» improve performance levels
On average, a contract operations firm with the right core skills, employee incentives and technology can save clients 10 to 15 percent a year in operational expenses.